Transport Networks

The query below requires that the shipping of an object should follow a scheduled route of length at most 3.

PATTERN SEQ(Scan a, !(Scan+ b[]), Scan c)
WHERE [object_id]
AND a.location = “New York”
AND c.location = “Amherst”
AND b[1].location =
AND b[i].location = b[i-1].next
AND c.location = b[b.LEN].next
AND b.LEN ≤ 3
RETURN c.object_id, c.courier_id

The next query captures an alert for a contaminated site and report a unique series of inflected shipments in each pattern match.

PATTERN SEQ(Alert a, Shipment+ b[ ])
WHERE a.type = 'contaminated'
AND b[1].from =
AND b[i].from = b[i-1].to
WITHIN 3 hours
RETURN a.type,, b[ ].to

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