CMPSCI 745: Advanced Database Systems


Project proposal (Due October 1, before class)

Your proposal should explicitly state (1) the problem your project will address and your project’s motivation, (2) areas of related work, (3) the methodology and plan for your project, and (4) the resources needed to carry out your project. Be sure to structure your plan as a set of incremental milestones and include a schedule for meeting them.

Literature survey (Due October 22, before class)

Your literature survey should present an in-depth study of related work, with a particular focus on how existing work differs from your proposed work and why it is insufficent for solving the problem you propose. Through this survey, you should convince the reader that you are addressing something new, either a new problem or a novel approach to an existing problem.

Status report (Due November 19, before class)

Your status report should contain enough implementation, data, and analysis to show that your project is on the right track. You should include your original proposal with instructor's comments, along with any surprising results or changes in direction, schedule, etc.

Project presentation (Due December 5, in class)

A brief presentation should include the proposed problem, the state-of-the-art solution, your proposed solution including the algorithms and implementation, evaluation results, and conclusions. The presentation may include a system demo if appropriate.

Project report (Due December 10, before 5 pm)

A final report is required to present your research problem, summarize your contributions, survey related work, and include a detailed description of your algorithms, analysis, implementation, evaluation methodology, significant results, and any other approriate information. For team work, the report should also include a paragraph explaining, for each group member, their contributions and duties in the project.