CMPSCI 645: Database Design and Implementation


Unless otherwise indicated, assignment solutions will need to be submitted through Gradescope. Please follow the submission instructions for each assignment. You are required to work alone for all homework assignments, unless otherwise noted.

Late policy

The cutoff for on-time submission of homework assignments is 5 pm on the due date. Late days are counted in 24-hour periods. Submitting one minute past 5 pm until 5 pm of the next day is one day late, and so on. You are given 3 "grace days" (self-granted extensions) which you can use to give yourself extra time without penalty. Grace days work only on individual homework assignments, not on the course project. Late work handed in when you have run out of grace days is discounted 10% for each day you are late.

System Support

Information about using the PostgreSQL server can be found here.

Assignment 1 (due Thursday, February 18 at 5 pm)

Assignment 2 (due Thursday, March 11 at 5 pm)

Assignment 3 (due Thursday, March 25 at 5 pm)

Assignment 4 (due Thursday, April 1 at 5 pm)

Midterm Practice Questions (April 1st)

Assignment 5 (due Tuesday, April 20 at 5 pm)

Assignment 6 (due Saturday, May 1 at 5 pm)