CMPSCI 645: Database Design and Implementation

Course Project

The course project is a collaborative assignment, which is due at the end of the semester. Students will be working in teams of 3. This is a self-guided assignment, designed to give you some exposure to and practice with recent results in big data analytics. The project includes a written review of a recent research paper on big data analytics (to be chosen from a list provided by the 645 staff), reproducing partial results from the paper, and proposing and implementing an extension based on your own idea.

Your project will be based on one of the following papers:

  1. Bo Tang, Shi Han, Man Lung Yiu, Rui Ding, Dongmei Zhang. "Extracting Top-K Insights from Multi-dimensional Data." In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD), Chicago, Illinois, USA, May 2017.
  2. Haopeng Zhang, Yanlei Diao, Alexandra Meliou. "EXstream: Explaining Anomalies in Event Stream Monitoring." In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT), 156-167, 2017.
  3. D. Van Aken, A. Pavlo, G. J. Gordon, and B. Zhang. "Automatic Database Management System Tuning Through Large-scale Machine Learning." In Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Management of Data, 2017, pp. 1009-1024.

Additional detailed instructions will be posted soon...