CMPSCI 645: Database Design and Implementation


The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester. Check back often. The lecture slides will be uploaded after each class.

The due dates for homework assignments and project deliverables are approximate. Please consult the corresponding pages for the exact dates.

week date day topic textbook slides homework reviews
Week 1
Sep 4 Tu Course Overview
Ch 1
Sep 7 Th Relational Model and Algebra
Ch 4
Week 2
Sep 11 Tu Project Discussion
Sep 13 Th SQL
Ch 5
Week 3
Sep 18 Tu Views
Ch 3
Assignment 1 Answering Queries Using Views (sec. 1,2,3)
Sep 20 Th Data Modeling
Ch 2
form groups
Week 4
Sep 25 Tu Normalization
Ch 19
Sep 27 Th Storage and Indexing
Ch 8
Week 5
Oct 2 Tu Indexes (hash, tree, spatial)
Ch 10,11,28
Oct 4 Th Generalized Search Trees for Database Systems
project proposal
Week 6
Oct 9 Tu No class: Monday schedule
Oct 11 Th Theory
Week 7
Oct 16 Tu
literature review
Oct 18 Th Query Evaluation
Ch 14
Week 8
Oct 23 Tu Query Optimization
Ch 15
Assignment 2 Join Processing in Database Systems (sec. 1,2)
Oct 25 Th Concurrency control
Ch 16,17
Week 9
Oct 30 Tu
Nov 1 Th Recovery (ARIES)
Ch 18
Week 10
Nov 6 Tu Midterm (in class)
Nov 8 Th Probabilistic Databases
midterm report
Week 11
Nov 13 Tu Project Feedback Day (class presentations)
Nov 15 Th Provenance
Provenance Semirings (sec. 1,2,3,4) (extra credit)
Week 12
Nov 20 Tu Parallel Databases, MapReduce
Ch 22
Nov 22 Th No class: Thanksgiving Assignment 3
Week 13
Nov 27 Tu MapReduce, Pig Latin
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing... (sec. 1,2,3,4) (extra credit)
Nov 29 Th Distributed Transactions
Ch 22
Week 14
Dec 4 Tu Project presentations
Dec 6 Th Project presentations

*(slide credit: some slide content curtesy of Ramakrishnan-Gehrke, Dan Suciu, Magda Balazinska, Gerome Miklau, and Yanlei Diao)