CMPSCI 645: Database Design and Implementation


A paper review should summarize concisely (in a few paragraphs) the problem addressed and the main contributions of the paper. It should also identify the limitations of the paper if any. Please feel free to include discussion questions (perhaps on something that you found confusing about the strategies or assumptions of the paper). The papers we review will often be discussed in class. The reviews and class discussions will be part of your final grade.


We will update the reading list throughout the semester, so check back often. The reviews are due at midnight before each class, unless otherwise noted. Please use Moodle to submit your reviews. If you have problems using Moodle for submitting assignments, contact the TA and the instructor.

Paper 1 (due Sep. 17, 11:59pm)

A. Y. Halevy, Answering Queries Using Views: A survey, VLDB Journal, v. 10 n. 4, p. 270-294, Dec 2001.

Write a report on the first three sections of the paper.

Paper 2 (due Oct. 3, 11:59pm)

J. M. Hellerstein, J. F. Naughton, A. Pfeffer, Generalized Search Trees for Database Systems, VLDB 1995, p. 562 - 573.

Paper 3 (due Oct. 22, 11:59pm)

L. D. Shapiro, Join Processing in Database Systems with Large Main Memories, Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), v. 11 n 3, p. 239 - 264, Sept 1986.

Write a report on the first two sections of the paper.

Paper 4 (due Nov. 14, 11:59pm)

T. J. Green, G. Kavournarakis, V. Tannen, Provenance Semirings, PODS 2007, p. 31-40.

Write a report on sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the paper. This assignment is optional. You can complete it for extra credit.

Paper 5 (due Nov. 26, 11:59pm)

J. Dean, S. Ghemawat, MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters, OSDI 2004, p. 137-149.

Write a report on sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the paper. This assignment is optional. If you complete it, you will receive extra credit.