CMPSCI 645: Database Design and Implementation


We prefer that you use Moodle to submit your solutions. If you need to submit a hardcopy, hand it in to the instructor at the beginning of the class. This is a graduate class, and we will be more lenient about late days. However, you need to discuss this with the instructor before the due date. We will not accept late assignments without prior agreement. We will accept valid excuses (conferences, paper deadlines, etc.) and will work with you to figure out the earliest day that you can hand in your work. Note, however, that the schedule for the entire course is very tight. Once you fall behind, it will be very hard to catch-up. Also, we will not grade anything handed in after the deadline for the project reports.

System Support

Information about using the PostgreSQL server can be found here.

Assignment 1 (due Oct. 1, 11:59pm)

  • Topics: schema design, data acquisition, data transformation, querying, and visualizing
  • [assignment]
  • You can work on your own machine, or use the Ed Lab resources [instructions]

Assignment 2 (due Nov. 4, 11:59pm)

  • Topics: Normalization, datalog, conjunctive queries, query plans, concurrency control, recovery
  • [assignment]
  • The deadline is strict. There will be absolutely no extensions for this assignment. The solutions will be published at 12am on Nov. 5, after which point, no submissions will be allowed.
  • You need to submit your solutions as a PDF on Moodle. You can edit the provided PDF directly, using a PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Reader, Preview etc). Scanned versions of your handwritten solutions are also acceptable. Please make sure that your edits are visible in other viewers. Often PDF forms saved in Preview are not visible in Adobe Reader. If you work on Preview (or other readers with the same problem), save as a PDF through the print menu.

Assignment 3 (due Dec. 6, 11:59pm)

  • Topics: AWS, MapReduce, Pig, Hadoop
  • [assignment]
  • You need to submit your solutions through Moodle.