CMPSCI 445: Information Systems

Fall 2019

Time:  Wed & Fri 2:30-3:45

Location: Thompson 102/106

Instructors: Gerome Miklau

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the efficient management of large-scale data. The course includes principles for representing information as structured data, query languages for analyzing and manipulating structured data, and core systems principles that enable efficient computation on large data sets. Classical relational database topics will be covered (data modeling, SQL, query optimization, concurrency control), as well as semi-structured data (XML, JSON), and distributed data processing paradigms (e.g. MapReduce and Spark). Additional application topics may include web application development, data integration, processing data streams, database security and privacy. Prerequisites: COMPSCI 220 (or 230) and COMPSCI 311 and COMPSCI 345. 3 credits.

The full course webpage is available through Moodle to enrolled students.